Suzuran Baby Newborn Essentials Starter Kit

Suzuran Baby Newborn Essentials Starter Kit

  • $105.00

Wet Cleaning Cotton 30 pcs 
Antibacterial Cotton 120 pcs
Gauze Handkerchief 5 pcs 
Gauze Bath Towel 3 pcs
Gauze Undershirt (Long) 2 pcs
Gauze Sweat Pad 3 pcs
Gauze Baby Glove 2 pairs

This starter kit helps pregnant mommy to prepare daily cleaning essentials, oral care and daily wear for your newborn baby. Packed with 100% pure cotton goodness, this starter kit offers 7 different products to help mommy clean baby with ease and ensure baby stays cool, dry and comfortable all day everyday. All products are sterilised, antibacterial and hygienically packed, as well as free from chemicals and additives, therefore safe for newborn onwards.

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