Newborn Essentials Trial Kit (Deluxe)

  • $59.00

Antibacterial Cotton x 6 pieces
Wet Cleaning Cotton x 2 alumina packs
Gauze Handkerchief x 1 piece
Gauze Swaddle Bath Towel x 1 piece
Gauze Sweat Pad x 1 piece
Gauze Undershirt (Short) x 1 piece
Gauze Undershirt (Long) x 1 piece
Gauze Baby Glove x 1 pair

This trial kit is for mothers to try out each and every product of Suzuran Baby, to touch and feel the quality of our 100% pure cotton goodness. 

It's also the perfect gift for your pregnant friends and relatives whether it's for their birthday, confinement or full moon celebration.

For more information on each product, kindly visit its respective product pages.

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