Suzuran Baby Antibacterial Cotton Swab 180 pcs

  • $9.00

Made from 100% pure Japan medical use standard absorbent cotton and paper stick
77mm in length
180 pieces/pack

 Thin paper stick, safe for newborn babies 
 Sterilized under high pressure
 No additives or chemicals added
 Bio-degradable, environmentally friendly

 Ideal for cleaning newborn baby's umbilical cord stump and the surrounding skin - dip Antibacterial Cotton Swab in alcohol to clean around the base of the cord 3 times a day or when soiled with urine or stool. The cord stump should fall off in 7 to 14 days.
 Suitable for cleaning baby's delicate areas such as ears, nose and other body parts. When cleaning your baby’s ear and nose, grip closely to the cotton tip area and make sure not to probe deep to avoid injuries. Be careful of sudden head movements.
 Ultra-thin pure cotton tips and flexible paper stick helps remove dirt easily and gently.

 Always keep this product out of the reach and out of sight of your baby/child.

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